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Autonics AIC-D-56LA Step Motor Controller

Introducing the Autonics AIC-D-56LA Step Motor Controller – the perfect solution for managing stepper motors with ease! This top-quality controller boasts a modern design and powerful performance, with features like 3.5A current capacity, 24VDC voltage, and easy programming via PC. With 120W power and an IP20 rating for protection against dust and debris, this controller is a must-have for any industry that uses stepper motors. Invest in Autonics and experience the difference today!

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Product details


Step Up Your Motor Control with Autonics

Are you looking for a reliable and effective step motor controller for your industrial automation needs? Look no further than Autonics. Our step motor controller boasts a maximum current of 3.5A and a programming method of PC. With a power consumption of 120W and a resolution of 10000imp/revol, our controller offers precise and efficient motor driving.

In addition to standard functions, our controller includes current sense feedback and an integrated encoder for enhanced performance. It operates in temperatures ranging from 0 – 50°C and features an RS485 interface for easy connectivity. With an IP20 rating and body dimensions of 22.5×87.5x150mm, our controller is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. It also offers a maximum rotational speed of 3000rpm and a supply voltage of 0 – 60VDC. Trust Autonics to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for your motor control needs.

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Additional information

Weight 300 g


Module Type

Step Motor Controller

Power Consumption



10000imp / Revolutions



IP Rating


Rotational Rate / Speed

0 – 3000RPM

Extra Functionality

Current Sense Feedback

Surface Dimensions


Driver Functionality

Integrated Encoder

Maximum Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

0 – 50°C

Programming Method