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Pepperl Fuchs PS1000-A6-24.10 Power Supply

The Pepperl Fuchs PS1000-A6-24.10 power supply is a top-of-the-line solution for all your industrial automation needs. With a switched-mode design, this DIN rail-mounted device delivers 240 watts of power at 24 volts DC, with a maximum output of 10 amps. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this power supply is essential for any modern industrial setup.

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Using Pepperl Fuchs Switched-Mode Power Supply for Efficient and Effective Power Output

The Pepperl Fuchs 240W Switched-Mode Power Supply is the perfect solution for your power output requirements, offering efficient and reliable performance. This power supply is designed to function with a DIN rail and provides an output voltage of 24V DC, with a voltage range of 24-28V DC. It operates under an IP20 rating and is equipped with screw terminals for electrical connection, making it an optimal fit for your needs.

The 240W power output of this Pepperl Fuchs power supply makes it an ideal choice for various electronic applications. Its small body dimensions of 124x117x39mm allows for easy installation and operation, and it offers an excellent operating temperature range of -40 – 70°C. With an efficiency rating of 95.2%, this switched-mode power supply ensures a cost-effective and stable power flow.

Investing in a high-quality power supply system is essential for businesses and industries where electrical power is crucial. Choose the Pepperl Fuchs Switched-Mode Power Supply for a reliable, effective, and efficient power output solution that meets your diverse needs.

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Additional information

Weight 100.240 g

Pepperl Fuchs

Power Supply Type

Switched – Mode

Kind Of Power Supply

For DIN Rail



Output Voltage Range

24 – 28V DC



IP Rating


Surface Dimensions


Energy Efficiency


Electrical Connectivity

Screw Terminals

Output Count


Operating Temperature Rate

-40 – 70°C

Output Current Rate


Output Voltage

24V DC