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Pepperl Fuchs PS1000-A6-12.16 Power Supply

This switched-mode Power Supply from Pepperl Fuchs, model no: PS1000-A6-12.16, is designed for DIN rails and offers a powerful output of 120W with a voltage of 12VDC and 16A. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications that require reliable and efficient power supply.

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Product details


Product Use: Pepperl Fuchs 120W Switched-Mode Power Supply for DIN Rail

Pepperl Fuchs introduces its latest switched-mode power supply designed for industrial settings. This power supply is designed for DIN rail applications and boasts a maximum power output of 120W. With an output voltage of 12V DC, this power supply operates in a voltage range of 12-15V DC with a maximum current output of 16A. This power supply comes with screw terminals for easy electrical connection and can be mounted on a DIN rail with an IP rating of 20 for protection against dust and moisture.

The body dimensions of this power supply are 124x117x39mm and it comes with 1-4 output options. With a working temperature range of -40 – 70°C, this power supply boasts an efficiency of 94.3%. Additionally, it operates on a supply voltage of 120V AC that makes it an equallyeffective option for a variety of industrial settings.

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Additional information

Weight 100.240 g

Pepperl Fuchs

Power Supply Type

Switched – Mode

Kind Of Power Supply

For DIN Rail



Output Voltage Range

12 – 15V DC



IP Rating


Surface Dimensions


Energy Efficiency


Electrical Connectivity

Screw Terminals

Output Count


Operating Temperature Rate

-40 – 70°C

Output Current Rate


Output Voltage

12V DC