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J7KNA-09-4 230


Omron J7KNA-09-4 230 Contactor

The Omron J7KNA-09-4 230 Contactor is a high-quality 4-pole switch designed for use with 230VAC systems. With a maximum current rating of 9A and screw terminals for easy installation, this DIN-mounted contactor delivers reliable performance at voltages of up to 690V. Perfect for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, this product is a top choice for HVAC systems, lighting controls, and more.

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Effective Use of Omron Control Voltage Contactors

Omron is a worldwide renowned manufacturer of high-quality control voltage contactors. We offer a range of 4-pole AC rated contactors for efficient and effective use in your industrial and commercial applications. Our screw terminals are designed to handle a maximum operating current of up to 9A, providing your equipment with the right amount of power for your operations.

Our J7KN contactor series is suitable for DIN rail mounting, making installation easy and straightforward. You can rely on our high-quality contactors because we have designed them to operate at temperatures ranging between -40°C to 60°C, making them ideal for even the most challenging environments.

At Omron, we believe in providing our customers with only the best, and that’s why our contactors are rated for up to 690V and designed to withstand high insulation voltage. With a compact size of 45×57.5x49mm, our contactors are the perfect solution to help you save space in your facility while providing the necessary performance to keep your operations running smoothly. Trust Omron for an effective and equally reliable experience.

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Additional information

Weight 153.92 g


Control Voltage

230V AC



Contactor Series



Screw Terminals

Physical Dimensions


Voltage Insulation Rating


Maximum Operating Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

-40 – 60°C

Contactor Type