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J7KN-22D-10 230


Omron J7KN-22D-10 230 Contactor

The Omron J7KN-22D-10 230 Contactor is a high-quality 3-pole device with NO auxiliary contacts, designed for electrical systems. With a voltage rating of 230VAC and a current rating of 22A, this DIN-approved contactor is perfect for various applications. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it a top choice for industrial and commercial use. Order yours today and benefit from Omron’s superior engineering and innovation.

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Product details


The Omron J7KN Series Contactor with Integrated Auxiliary Contacts for Enhanced Efficiency

The Omron J7KN series contactor is a high-quality electrical component designed to provide reliable and effective switching of electrical signals. With a sturdy 3-pole construction and NO contacts, this contactor is ideal for a range of industrial applications. The contactor is equipped with integrated auxiliary contacts that make it more efficient when it comes to switching signals.

One of the outstanding features of this contactor is its control voltage range of up to 230V AC, which enables it to operate effectively in a variety of environments. Additionally, the Omron J7KN series contactor comes with screw terminals for easy installation. Its compact DIN rail mounting guarantees minimal installation space.

Furthermore, this contactor operates efficiently at a temperature range of -40 to 60°C. Its insulation voltage of 690V and dimensions of 67x45x82.5mm provide long-lasting and effective operation in demanding applications. Invest in Omron J7KN series contactor for maximum performance, and reliability.

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Additional information

Weight 249.73 g


Control Voltage

230V AC



Contactor Series



Screw Terminals

Physical Dimensions


Voltage Insulation Rating


Built-in Auxiliary Contactors


Maximum Operating Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

-40 – 60°C

Contactor Type