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I430-FLEXI-TF AC Current Flexible Clamp Adapter

Introducing the Fluke AC current flexible clamp adapter, model no: I430-FLEXI-TF. This high-quality adapter offers a maximum current measurement of 3kA, with a resistance of 82Ω and a length of 610mm. Designed for versatile use, it is suitable for IP41-rated applications. Trust Fluke for reliable and accurate AC current measurements with this flexible clamp adapter.

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FLUKE AC Current Measuring Accessories for Accurate and Effective Measurements

The FLUKE brand offers a range of high-quality AC current measuring accessories designed to enhance your testing capabilities. With a flexible clamp adapter and a measuring range of 3kA, these accessories are perfect for professionals in various industries.

The FLUKE AC current measuring accessories are equipped with an output impedance of 82Ω, ensuring precise and reliable measurements. The wire insulation material is made of elastomer thermoplastic TPE, guaranteeing durability and longevity. With a probe length of 610mm, these accessories provide convenience and accessibility during measurements.

IP41 rated, these accessories offer sufficient protection against dust and are suitable for use in various environments. The FLUKE AC current measuring accessories provide accurate measurements with a measurement accuracy of ±1%, allowing you to trust the results every time.

Compatible with FLK-434-II, FLK-434-IIBASIC, FLK-435-II, FLK-435-IIBASIC, FLK-437-II, and FLK-437-IIBASIC, these accessories work seamlessly with other FLUKE equipment to enhance your testing capabilities. Upgrade your testing arsenal with FLUKE AC current measuring accessories for more efficient and accurate measurements.

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Additional information

Weight 281.3 g


Output Impedance


Probe Length


IP Rating



AC Current

AC Current Measurement Range


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Measuring Precision


Affiliated Products

FLK-434-II,, FLK-434-IIBASIC,, FLK-435-II,, FLK-435-IIBASIC,, FLK-437-II,, FLK-437-IIBASIC

Test Accessories Type

AC Current flexiable clamp adapter

Insulation Material for Wires

elastomer thermoplastic TPE