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Panasonic FT-V23 Fiber-Optic Sensor

The Panasonic Fiber-Optic Sensor, model no: ft-v23, boasts a range of 0-450mm and can withstand harsh temperatures of -55°C to 80°C. Its durable design includes a 2m len and an IP30 rating, making it perfect for industrial applications in rugged environments. Trust Panasonic for high-quality and reliable sensing solutions.

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Revolutionize Your Productivity with Panasonic’s Latest Fiber-Optic Sensor

For optimal detecting accuracy in a wide range of industries, Panasonic introduces their state-of-the-art fiber-optic sensor. With a 450mm range and transmitter-receiver operation mode, this sensor guarantees to exceed your expectations.

Not only is it a highly efficient device, but it is also manufactured to withstand harsh environments with an IP30 rating, 2m cable length, and -55 – 80°C operating temperature. Plus, its Ø2 switch housing makes it compact and perfect for space-limited applications.

Take your productivity to the next level and rely on Panasonic’s fiber-optic sensor for the best results in your operations. Trust in cutting-edge technology to deliver the accuracy and efficiency that your business deserves.

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Additional information

Weight 30 g


Type Of Sensor



0 – 450mm

Operation Mode

Transmitter – Receiver

IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-55 – 80°C

Cable Length


Switch Housing


Sensors features

Sensing distance varies depending on the accessory used