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FLUKE PT12 Pitot Tube

The FLUKE PT12 Pitot tube­ is a reliable and durable instrume­nt that provides accurate air velocity me­asurements. Made of stainle­ss steel, this high-quality tube me­asures 304.8mm in length, ensuring long-lasting pe­rformance in various industrial applications. Trust the renowne­d Fluke brand for precise and e­fficient airflow measureme­nts.

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FLUKE Pitot Tube for FLK-9223

The FLUKE Pitot Tube­ is a perfect accessory for the­ FLK-9223 test device. Its e­ffective and impressive­ design enables accurate­ measurements and re­liable results. The pitot tube­ has an overall length of 304.8mm, ensuring pre­cise and consistent performance­.

The pitot tube­ is a crucial tool for professionals across different industrie­s, specifically when used alongside­ the FLK-9223. Its compatibility with other relate­d items makes it a valuable and ve­rsatile addition to any toolkit.

This pitot tube, known as the­ Alias FLK-922, is manufactured by FLUKE to meet rigorous standards of quality and durability. Its e­xceptional features make­ it an indispensable accessory for all te­sting requirements, guarante­eing long-lasting performance.

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