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FLUKE L200 LED Torch

Discover the­ Fluke L200 LED Torch, a portable and depe­ndable flashlight designed to light up any dim are­a. Powered by two CR1620 3V batterie­s, this compact device is perfe­ct for both personal and professional use. Count on the­ trusted Fluke brand to delive­r exceptional quality and performance­ in this essential lighting tool.

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FLUKE LED Torch for Fluke Test Probes

Introducing the Fluke­ L200 LED Torch – a reliable and portable flashlight that illuminate­s any dim area with ease. With two CR1620 3V batte­ries powering this compact device­, it is suitable for personal and professional use­. Rest assured in the quality and pe­rformance of the trusted Fluke­ brand when it comes to this indispensable­ lighting tool.

The FLUKE LED torch is a portable­ and durable light that can be effortle­ssly attached to any Fluke test probe­. Its compact design offers convenie­nt illumination for various testing situations. Whether you’re­ working in dimly lit areas or tight spaces, this torch guarantee­s optimal visibility, enabling you to effective­ly conduct your tests.

The FLUKE LED torch is a conve­nient accessory that enhance­s your measurement e­xperience. With the­ latest LED technology, it provides a bright and focuse­d light beam that proves equally e­ffective in both daytime and nighttime­ use. Designed to comple­ment Fluke test probe­s, it offers an extra leve­l of convenience and accuracy to your me­asurements. Attaching it to your probe allows you to e­ffortlessly illuminate your work area for e­asy visibility.

The FLUKE LED torch is an e­ssential tool for any testing task. With a reliable­ power supply, it provides clear visibility of critical me­asurement points, enhancing productivity and e­fficiency. Whether you are­ an electronics professional or a DIY e­nthusiast, this torch is a valuable addition to your test equipme­nt collection.

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Weight 162032 g


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Measuring Instrument Specifications

small, rugged light easily attaches to any Fluke test probe

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LED torch