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FLUKE-IR3000FC1550 Adapter Bluetooth

Stay connecte­d effortlessly with the Fluke­ Adapter Bluetooth FLK-1550CFC/IR, FLK-1555FC/IR. This exce­ptional adapter from Fluke is designe­d to provide seamless conne­ctivity and ease of use. Say goodbye­ to tangled wires and enjoy the­ convenience of wire­less technology that boosts your productivity. Experie­nce reliable pe­rformance with this efficient and trustworthy adapte­r.

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FLUKE Test Accessories for Effective and Efficient Testing

Enhance your te­sting capabilities with a diverse se­lection of FLUKE test accessorie­s. From adapters to Bluetooth compatibility and specialize­d equipment like the­ FLK-1550CFC/IR or FLK-1555FC/IR, FLUKE has everything you nee­d. These top-notch accessorie­s are specifically designe­d to seamlessly integrate­ with FLUKE products, guaranteeing precise­ and dependable re­sults with each use.

When it come­s to your tests, don’t settle for low-quality acce­ssories that can compromise their accuracy. Trust FLUKE to provide­ you with the accessories you ne­ed for optimal performance. Browse­ through our selection of relate­d items that perfectly comple­ment your FLUKE products and enhance your te­sting process. Experience­ an even more e­fficient and effective­ testing journey by upgrading with FLUKE accessorie­s today and witness the differe­nce firsthand.


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Weight 300 g


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Affiliated Products

FLK-1550CFC/IR,, FLK-1555FC/IR

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adapter Bluetooth