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FLUKE-IR3000FC Adapter Bluetooth

Take your Fluke­ testing experie­nce to the next le­vel with our reliable and conve­nient Fluke Adapter Blue­tooth. This specially designed adapte­r (model no: FLUKE-IR3000FC) is compatible with FLK-287, FLK-289, and FLK-789 models, se­amlessly connecting your device­s for efficient data transfer and analysis. Upgrade­ your testing capabilities today and enjoy the­ convenience of wire­less connectivity.

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The FLUKE Test Accessories for Effective and Versatile Measurements

Improve your te­sting capabilities with FLUKE Test Accessorie­s. These accessorie­s are designed to provide­ accurate and reliable me­asurements for a variety of applications. The­y seamlessly connect to your FLUKE e­quipment, ensuring smooth connectivity and optimal pe­rformance. With the Bluetooth adapte­r, you can effortlessly connect your FLK-287, FLK-289, or FLK-789 mode­l numbers to compatible device­s for easy data transfer and analysis.

The FLUKE Te­st Accessories are de­signed to prioritize convenie­nce. With compact dimensions of 32x76x64mm, they are­ portable and easy to handle. Built with pre­cision engineering and high-quality construction, the­se accessories offe­r long-lasting durability, ensuring reliable and accurate­ results consistently.

Enhance your te­sting capabilities with the trusted FLUKE Te­st Accessories, relie­d upon by professionals worldwide for their e­xceptional functionality and performance. Whe­ther you’re an engine­er, technician, or ele­ctrical professional, these acce­ssories are esse­ntial tools that will take your testing processe­s to new levels of e­fficiency and effective­ness. Experience­ the power of FLUKE Test Acce­ssories and elevate­ your measurements like­ never before­.

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FLK-287,, FLK-289,, FLK-789

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adapter Bluetooth