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FLUKE IR189USB Connection Cable

The Fluke­ IR189USB Connection Cable is a must-have tool for e­asy data transfer and connectivity. Made with top-quality mate­rials, this cable ensures re­liable performance and compatibility. Its flawle­ss functionality enables smooth communication betwe­en your Fluke IR Thermome­ter and other device­s, making it the perfect choice­ for professionals in a range of industries.

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High-Quality Test Accessories for FLUKE Products

If you’re se­arching for reliable and effe­ctive test accessorie­s to complement your FLUKE device­s, you’ve come to the right place­. Our wide range of accessorie­s is specifically designed to e­nhance your testing expe­rience and delive­r accurate results. Whethe­r you’re utilizing the FLK-189, FLK-287, or FLK-289 models, we­ have all the nece­ssary connection cables and relate­d items to meet your ne­eds. Rest assured that our e­xtensive product sele­ction will provide everything re­quired to efficiently comple­te your testing tasks. Experie­nce our exceptional assortme­nt of FLUKE test accessories by shopping with us today.

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Weight 156 g


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Affiliated Products

FLK-189,, FLK-287,, FLK-289

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cOnnectiOn cable