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FLUKE I6000SFLEX-24 AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter

Introducing the Fluke I6000SFLEX-24 AC current flexible clamp adapter, a versatile and reliable accessory for your electrical measurements. With a convenient 170mm cable length, this Fluke branded adapter allows for easy and efficient monitoring of AC currents. Explore enhanced accuracy and flexibility with this top-quality model for all your electrical testing needs.

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FLUKE AC Current Flexible Clamp Adapter 170mm

The FLUKE AC Current Flexible Clamp Adapter 170mm is a versatile and effective accessory for conducting various types of tests. Designed to fit a wide range of cable diameters, it allows for easy and accurate measurement of AC currents. Equipped with a flexible clamp, this adapter offers a measuring range of 60A, 600A, and 6kA, making it a reliable tool for a variety of applications.

The FLUKE AC Current Flexible Clamp Adapter 170mm is known for its exceptional measurement accuracy. Its advanced technology ensures precise and reliable readings, with a measurement accuracy of ±1%. Whether you are a professional electrician, technician, or home DIY enthusiast, this accessory is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

With its innovative design and top-notch performance, the FLUKE AC Current Flexible Clamp Adapter 170mm allows for efficient and accurate current measurement. It is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a reliable and durable testing accessory. Upgrade your testing capabilities with this high-quality FLUKE product.

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Additional information

Weight 605.1 g



AC Current

AC Current Measurement Range

600A/, 60A/, 6kA

Alternative Name


Maximum Measurable Cable Diameter


Measuring Precision


Test Accessories Type

AC Current flexiable clamp adapter