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FLUKE I30S AC/DC Current Clamp Adapter

The Fluke I30S AC/DC current clamp adapter is an essential tool for measuring electrical currents accurately. With a cable diameter of 19mm, this adapter can handle both AC and DC currents up to 20A. Trust Fluke for reliable and high-quality equipment to meet all your current measurement needs.

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FLUKE AC/DC Current Clamp Adapter for Accurate and Effective Measurements

The FLUKE AC/DC current clamp adapter is a cutting-edge test accessory that allows for precise and efficient measurements in a variety of applications. Designed specifically to accommodate cables with a maximum diameter of 19mm, this adapter offers exceptional versatility and accuracy.

Equipped with both AC and DC current measuring ranges, this FLUKE adapter ensures reliable measurements in both settings. With a maximum AC current measuring range of 20A and a maximum DC current measuring range of 20A, it can handle a wide range of electrical currents with ease.

Known for its outstanding performance and reliability, the FLUKE AC/DC current clamp adapter is a trusted tool for professionals in the industry. Its comprehensive measurement capabilities, coupled with its easy-to-use interface, make it an indispensable accessory for any technician or engineer.

Discover the FLUKE AC/DC current clamp adapter and experience the unparalleled accuracy and efficiency it brings to your measurements. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your testing needs. Trust the brand that professionals rely on – FLUKE.

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AC Current,, DC Current

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AC/DC Current clamp adapter