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FLUKE I3000FLEX-24 AC Current Flexible Clamp Adapter

Introducing the Fluke I3000FLEX-24 AC current flexible clamp adapter, the perfect accessory for accurate electrical measurements. Designed with a cable diameter of 178mm, this Fluke branded adapter ensures seamless connectivity and precise readings. Enhance your electrical testing experience with this reliable and versatile product from Fluke.

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FLUKE AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter 178mm

The FLUKE AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter is designed for professionals who require reliable and accurate measurements in their testing tasks. With a maximum diameter of 178mm, this accessory is suitable for measuring cables of various sizes.

Equipped with a wide AC current measuring range, this clamp adapter allows users to accurately measure currents ranging from 30A to 3kA. Whether you are working on small-scale projects or larger industrial applications, this accessory offers the flexibility and versatility to handle a wide range of current measurements.

Its unique measurement alias feature makes it easier to identify and track measurements, ensuring efficient and precise data analysis. With the FLUKE AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter, you can confidently perform your tests and obtain accurate results every time.

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Additional information

Weight 557.4 g



AC Current

AC Current Measurement Range

300A/, 30A/, 3kA

Alternative Name


Maximum Measurable Cable Diameter


Test Accessories Type

AC Current flexiable clamp adapter