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FLUKE I20/200ACLAMPPQ4 Current Mini Clamps Set

The Fluke I20/200ACLAMPPQ4 is a top-of-the-line current mini clamps set perfect for measuring AC currents up to 20A and 200A. With its remarkable measurement accuracy of ±0.5%, this Fluke brand product guarantees reliable and precise results. Upgrade your toolkit with this high-quality clamp set for accurate current measurements.

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FLUKE Current Mini Clamps Set – Accurately Measure AC Current

The FLUKE Current Mini Clamps Set is designed to provide effective and accurate AC current measurements. It includes a set of 4 mini clamps that allow you to measure currents up to 20A or 200A. With this set, you can confidently measure AC currents in various applications.

Equipped with FLUKE technology, these mini clamps deliver precise measurements with a measurement accuracy of ±0.5%. Whether you are a professional electrician, engineer, or simply someone who requires accurate current measurements, this set is the perfect tool for your needs.

The FLUKE Current Mini Clamps Set offers great value with its comprehensive package. Each set includes 4 mini clamps, providing you with all the necessary accessories to effectively measure AC currents. With its reliable brand reputation, FLUKE ensures that you can trust the quality and accuracy of these mini clamps.

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Weight 1 g



AC Current

AC Current Measurement Range

200A, 20A/

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Current mini clamps set