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FLUKE I1010 AC/DC Current Clamp Adapter

The Fluke I1010 AC/DC current clamp adapter is a high-quality product designed to accurately measure electrical currents. With a cable diameter of 32mm, it offers a wide range of current measurement from 500mA to 1kA and supports voltages up to 600V. Ideal for electrical professionals, this Fluke device ensures precise readings and efficient performance.

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Fluke AC/DC Current Clamp Adapter – Model FLK-A3002FC

The Fluke AC/DC Current Clamp Adapter is a highly effective and versatile test accessory for measuring both AC and DC currents. With a maximum diameter of 32mm, it offers a wide range of applications, making it equally suitable for various industries.

This current clamp adapter is designed to accurately measure currents ranging from 500mA to 1kA for DC and 500mA to 600A for AC. With a high level of accuracy, it ensures reliable measurements with an error margin of only ±(2% + 0.5A) for both DC and AC currents.

Featuring a maximum operating voltage of 600V, this compact and lightweight device is easy to handle and transport. With dimensions of 209x78x48mm and a weight of only 500g, it offers convenience without compromising on performance.

The Fluke AC/DC Current Clamp Adapter, model FLK-A3002FC, is an indispensable tool for professionals in need of accurate and precise current measurements. Its power supply is battery or rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous use without interruptions. Additional related items and accessories are available to enhance its capabilities.

If you require a reliable and efficient current clamp adapter, the Fluke AC/DC Current Clamp Adapter FLK-A3002FC is the ideal choice, offering high-quality measurements and exceptional performance.

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Additional information



Range of DC Current Measurement

500mA – 1kA


AC Current,, DC Current

AC Current Measurement Precision

±(2% + 0,5A)

AC Current Measurement Range

500mA – 600A

Alternative Name


Accuracy of DC Current Measurement

±(2% + 0,5A)

Physical Dimensions


Maximum Measurable Cable Diameter


Maximum Operating Voltage Rating


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Test Accessories Type

AC/DC Current clamp adapter

Total Weight With Battery