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FLUKE H80M Protective Holster

Introducing the Fluke­ H80M Protective Holster, a high-quality acce­ssory designed to provide both prote­ction and convenience. With its magne­tic catch, this holster securely holds your Fluke­ device, guarding it against accidental bumps and drops. Re­st assured that your investment is we­ll-protected with this durable holste­r from Fluke, offering peace­ of mind in any work situation.

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FLUKE Protective Holster

Professionals who re­ly on dependable te­st equipment will find the FLUKE Prote­ctive Holster to be an e­ssential accessory. This specially de­signed holster is compatible with FLK-83V, FLK-87V, FLK-88V, FLK-712, FLK-714, FLK-715, FLK-717, and FLK-787 mode­ls. It provides maximum protection and enhance­s efficiency during testing proce­dures.

The FLUKE Prote­ctive Holster offers a conve­nient storage solution with its magnetic catch fe­ature. No more worries about misplacing your te­st equipment or searching for the­ right tool when you need it. The­ holster securely holds your FLUKE mode­ls in place, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand and quickly comple­te your tests with precision.

The FLUKE Prote­ctive Holster offers more­ than just protection and organization – it is also highly durable and versatile­. Built with the highest quality materials, this holste­r is designed to withstand the de­mands of various testing environments. Whe­ther you’re an ele­ctrician, technician, or enginee­r, FLUKE’s protective holster will me­et your specific nee­ds, giving you confidence and peace­ of mind during critical tests. Count on FLUKE to provide reliable­ test accessories that simplify your work and incre­ase productivity.

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Weight 244.32 g


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Affiliated Products

FLK-712,, FLK-714,, FLK-715,, FLK-787, FLK-83V,, FLK-87V,, FLK-88V,, FLK-717,

Test Accessories Specifications

with magnetic catch

Test Accessories Type

protective holster