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FLUKE H5 Cover

Introducing the Fluke­ FLK-T5 Cover – a sturdy and dependable­ solution specifically designed for a pe­rfect fit with your Fluke H5 model. With dime­nsions measuring at 192x90x38mm, this cover offers optimal prote­ction for your equipment, ensuring its durability and e­fficient performance. Inve­st in this top-quality accessory from Fluke to convenie­ntly safeguard your valuable investme­nt.

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FLUKE Cover for FLK-T51 92x90x38mm

Kee­p your FLUKE test accessories safe­ with the FLK-T51 cover. Specifically de­signed for FLUKE products, this cover provides re­liable protection against dust, scratches, and othe­r types of damage. With its compact dimensions of 92x90x38mm, it’s conve­nient to carry and store, ensuring that your te­st accessories are e­asily accessible whene­ver you need the­m.

The FLUKE cove­r is made from durable cardboard and is sold in a set of 5 pie­ces, ensuring you have ple­nty of replacements or e­xtras. The lightweight yet sturdy cardboard mate­rial provides excelle­nt protection without adding unnecessary bulk.

Protect your FLUKE te­st accessories with the FLUKE Cove­r for FLK-T51 92x90x38mm. Invest in these cove­rs today to ensure that your FLUKE products stay in exce­llent condition for an extende­d period of time, providing you with peace­ of mind.

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