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FLUKE FS17XX IP65-TF-II AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter

Introducing the Fluke AC Current Flexible Clamp Adapter – the perfect solution for accurate electrical measurements. With a wide current range of 440mA to 3kA, this adapter ensures precise readings every time. Its durable construction and 2-meter length provide flexibility and convenience for various applications. Choose Fluke, the trusted brand in electrical testing equipment. Model no: FLUKE FS17XX IP65-TF-II.

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FLUKE AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter

The FLUKE AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter is a versatile test accessory that provides accurate and reliable AC current measurements. With a measuring range of 440mA to 3kA, this adapter is suitable for a wide range of applications. The probe length of 610mm allows for easy access to tight spaces, making it ideal for both industrial and residential use.

Equipped with a 2m measurement cable, this FLUKE adapter allows for flexible positioning and easy maneuverability. The adapter is also known by its alias, the FLUKE 4531804. It can be used with a battery or rechargeable battery, providing convenience and flexibility.

Experience the reliability and accuracy of FLUKE with the AC Current Flexiable Clamp Adapter. Whether you’re a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, this versatile accessory will help you effectively measure AC current in a variety of applications. Trust in the brand and model that has been proven to deliver exceptional performance time and time again.

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Probe Length



AC Current

Cable Length


AC Current Measurement Range

440mA – 3kA

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Test Accessories Type

AC Current flexiable clamp adapter