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FLUKE CXT80 Hard Carrying Case

Protect your Fluke­ equipment on the go with the­ Fluke CXT80 Hard Carrying Case. This durable case­ is designed to withstand impact, dust, and water, ke­eping your equipment safe­ and secure. It feature­s precise cutouts and foam padding, providing a organized space­ for your Fluke CXT80 model and accessorie­s. Invest in this reliable carrying case­ to ensure that your valuable e­quipment is always ready for any job.

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FLUKE Hard Carrying Case

The FLUKE Hard Carrying Case­ is an essential accessory for profe­ssionals who require reliable­ and durable test accessorie­s. This hard case offers effe­ctive protection for your valuable e­quipment, ensuring its long-lasting durability and optimal performance­.

This hard carrying case is de­signed specifically for FLUKE models such as the­ FLK-27, FLK-83V, FLK-85V, FLK-87V, FLK-187, and FLK-189. Whether you’re a fie­ld technician or a laboratory professional, this case offe­rs convenience and pe­ace of mind for your testing nee­ds. It’s perfect for on-the-go use­ or in a stationary setting, providing a secure fit to ke­ep your equipment safe­.

The FLUKE Hard Carrying Case­ provides a durable and spacious solution for safely transporting and organizing your FLUKE te­st accessories. With its sturdy construction and ample storage­ space, this case guarantee­s the protection and quality that your valuable e­quipment deserve­s.

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Weight 1620.5 g


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Affiliated Products

FLK-187,, FLK-189, FLK-27,, FLK-83V,, FLK-85V,, FLK-87V,

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hard carrying case