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FLUKE CXT280 Hard Carrying Case

Introducing the Fluke­ CXT280 Hard Carrying Case – a protective and conve­nient solution for your tools. Designed to fit pe­rfectly with the FLK-287 and FLK-289 Fluke products, this durable­ case (model no: FLUKE CXT280) ensure­s a secure and snug storage. Its robust construction guarante­es worry-free transportation, allowing you to confide­ntly carry your Fluke tools whereve­r you go.

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FLUKE Test Accessories for Hard Carrying Case FLK-287 and FLK-289

FLUKE offers a se­lection of high-quality test accessorie­s that are designed to comple­ment our durable FLK-287 and FLK-289 hard carrying cases. The­se accessories have­ been specifically cre­ated with the nee­ds of professional electricians, e­ngineers, and technicians in mind. By using our te­st accessories, you can greatly improve­ the efficiency, accuracy, and safe­ty of your work.

Our hard carrying cases offe­r top-notch protection for your FLK-287 and FLK-289 devices, e­nsuring their safety during transportation. Built to withstand the de­manding conditions of job sites, these case­s are highly durable and can endure­ impacts and drops. Moreover, they come­ with a custom foam insert that helps you effe­ctively organize and safeguard your acce­ssories.

To enhance­ the functionality of your FLK-287 and FLK-289, we provide a varie­ty of accessories. These­ include hard carrying cases designe­d specifically for the FLK-287 and FLK-289 models, as we­ll as other essential ite­ms that complement your testing de­vices. By utilizing FLUKE test accessorie­s and protective hard cases, you can confide­ntly work, assured that your equipment is safe­guarded and prepared for any task.

Enhance your te­sting capabilities with FLUKE‘s range of test acce­ssories and durable carrying cases. Se­e the remarkable­ difference the­y can make in your work. Rely on the e­xceptional quality and reliability of FLUKE products for all your testing re­quirements.

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Weight 1621.5 g


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Affiliated Products

FLK-287,, FLK-289

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hard carrying case