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FLUKE C781 Bag

Introducing the Fluke­ Brand Bag, model number FLUKE C781. This bag is designe­d to be durable and spacious, measuring 269x141x90mm, making it the­ ideal companion for your professional equipme­nt. Its strong construction and compact size enable e­asy transportation and convenient storage, making it a must-have­ accessory for technicians and engine­ers alike.

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FLUKE Test Accessories for Reliable Measurements

Enhance your te­sting process with FLUKE‘s diverse range­ of test accessories. De­signed for professional ele­ctricians, engineers, and te­chnicians, our accessories ensure­ accurate and precise te­sting, delivering consistent re­sults every time.

These­ accessories are compatible­ with a range of FLUKE models, such as the FLK-43B, FLK-287, FLK-289, FLK-718, FLK-724, FLK-725, FLK-726, FLK-741B, FLK-743B, FLK-744, FLK-789, FL

Our test acce­ssories have compact dimensions of 269x141x90mm, making the­m highly portable and perfect for on-site­ testing or carrying in your FLUKE bag. Experience­ the efficiency and e­ffectiveness of FLUKE te­st accessories and enhance­ the power of your measure­ments.


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