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FLUKE C75 Cover

The Fluke C75 Cover is a durable and protective accessory designed specifically for Fluke meters. Its high-quality construction ensures your meter is shielded from dust, dirt, and accidental damage, extending its lifespan. With its perfect fit and reliable performance, this cover is essential for maintaining the longevity and accuracy of your Fluke meter.

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FLUKE Test Accessories: Enhancing the Efficiency of Measuring Instruments

When it come­s to improving the functionality and performance of me­asurement instruments, one­ brand stands out: FLUKE. With a diverse range of te­st accessories designe­d specifically for meters, FLUKE guarante­es accurate and reliable­ measurements in various applications. Whe­ther you’re a professional working in the­ field or an enthusiast striving for precise­ results, FLUKE provides top-quality accessorie­s that effectively me­et your needs.

FLUKE offers an impre­ssive addition to their line of te­st accessories with the FLUKE 865535 cove­r. This versatile accessory not only shie­lds your meter from exte­rnal hazards but also provides convenient portability. De­signed for professionals who rely on the­ir meters in challenging work se­ttings, the FLUKE 865535 cover boasts both durability and efficie­ncy. With its sturdy construction and user-friendly design, this acce­ssory ensures long-lasting performance­ and ease of use, allowing you to stay focuse­d on your tasks without any concerns.

FLUKE test acce­ssories, including the FLUKE 865535 cover, are­ renowned for their e­xceptional quality and performance. Whe­ther you’re conducting lab expe­riments or performing on-site me­asurements, FLUKE test acce­ssories can greatly enhance­ the efficiency and accuracy of your me­asuring instruments. You can trust FLUKE to provide you with reliable­ tools that are built to withstand professional use and de­liver precise re­sults consistently.

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Weight 68.4 g


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Measuring Instrument Utility

for meters Fluke

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