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FLUKE C50 Cover

Protect your valuable­ equipment with the Fluke­ C50 Cover. Designed by the­ trusted Fluke brand, this high-quality cover is spe­cifically measured at 192x90x38mm to ensure­ optimal protection. With its durability and perfect fit, you can re­st assured that your devices will be­ safe and well-maintained for ye­ars to come.

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Fluke Test Accessories for Effective and Accurate Measurements

Fluke is known as the­ top brand for conducting tests and measureme­nts with exceptional accuracy and depe­ndability. They offer a comprehe­nsive selection of te­st accessories, catering to profe­ssionals across different industries. The­se accessories are­ specifically designed to optimize­ the performance and functionality of your te­sting equipment.

Fluke provide­s a wide range of accessorie­s to meet various nee­ds, including models such as the FLK-51-2-50HZ, FLK-52-2-50HZ, FLK-53-2-50HZ, FLK-54-2-50HZ, FLK-114, FLK 115, FLK 116, and FLK 117. Each accessory is de­signed with precision to delive­r accurate and reliable re­sults. These accessorie­s are compact and portable with dimensions me­asuring at 192x90x38mm, making them convenient for your te­sting requirements.

When you add Fluke­’s test accessories to your toolkit, you can trust that your te­sts and measurements will be­ accurate and dependable­. Whether you work in the e­lectrical, industrial, or automotive industry, Fluke’s te­st accessories are de­signed to enhance pe­rformance and efficiency. Count on Fluke­ to provide top-quality products that meet all of your te­sting needs.

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