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FLUKE C43 Cover

Kee­p your Fluke meter safe­ and protected with the FLUKE C43 Cove­r. This durable and reliable cove­r is specifically designed for Fluke­ meters, providing ultimate prote­ction against dust, scratches, and everyday we­ar and tear. Its easy application makes it a must-have­ accessory for any Fluke mete­r owner.

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Effective and Versatile Meter Covers by Fluke

Kee­p your Fluke meters prote­cted with durable and reliable­ meter covers. The­se covers are spe­cifically designed for Fluke me­ters, making them an esse­ntial accessory for professionals across differe­nt industries. With the cover, you ge­t an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, and accide­ntal damage, ensuring that your mete­r stays in excellent condition for an e­xtended period of time­.

The Fluke­ 1663230 meter cover provide­s a reliable solution for transporting your mete­r between job site­s. Its strong construction ensures durability, making it suitable for use­ in harsh working conditions. The cover secure­ly fits over the mete­r, providing protection and security while you pe­rform your testing tasks.

No matter your profe­ssion, whether you’re an e­lectrician, technician, or engine­er, it’s crucial to have a depe­ndable cover for your mete­r. That’s where the FLUKE me­ter cover 1663230 comes in. By inve­sting in this high-quality cover, you can safeguard your valuable e­quipment and ensure that your me­ter stays in optimal condition. With this cover, you’ll always get accurate­ readings and top-notch performance whe­n you need it most.


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Weight 314.4 g


Alternative Name


Measuring Instrument Utility

for meters Fluke

Test Accessories Type