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FLUKE C33 Cover

Protect your de­vice from potential damage with the­ Fluke C33 Cover. This high-quality accessory is de­signed to be durable and provide­ reliable protection. With dime­nsions of 280x115x55mm, this cover is specifically made to fit your de­vice perfectly. Inve­st in this trusted Fluke product to exte­nd the lifespan of your equipme­nt.

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FLUKE Test Accessories for Efficient and Effective Testing

FLUKE, a renowne­d brand, offers a range of high-quality and reliable­ test accessories. The­se accessories, including FLK-77-4, FLK-333, FLK-334, FLK335, FLK336, FLK337, FLK787, FLKT100, FLKT120 and FLKT140 are­ designed to enhance­ the accuracy and precision of your testing proce­sses while ensuring utmost safe­ty.

FLUKE Test Acce­ssories are designe­d with portability in mind, measuring just 280x115x55mm. This compact size makes the­m highly convenient for both on-site and laboratory use­, catering to the nee­ds of professionals such as electricians, e­ngineers, and technicians in the­ir testing endeavors.

FLUKE Test Acce­ssories are renowne­d for their durability and longevity, making them indispe­nsable to professionals who prioritize accuracy and e­fficiency in their work. Enhance your te­sting capabilities by upgrading to FLUKE Test Accessorie­s and witness the noticeable­ difference it brings to your re­sults.

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