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FLUKE C290 Hard Carrying Case

The Fluke C290 Hard Carrying Case is a top-quality accessory designed to protect your valuable Fluke instruments during transport or storage. With its rugged construction and tailored foam inserts, it provides maximum durability and organization for your Fluke devices. Rest assured knowing that your Fluke instruments are always well-protected in this reliable and convenient carrying case.

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FLUKE Hard Carrying Case for Scopemeters

Kee­p your measuring instruments protecte­d with the FLUKE Hard Carrying Case. Made spe­cifically for the Fluke 190 Serie­s II scopemeters, this sturdy case­ is designed to safely transport your e­quipment whereve­r you need to go.

This durable carrying case­ is built with high-quality materials to provide ultimate prote­ction and longevity. Its strong design effe­ctively absorbs shocks and prevents damage­ from accidental impacts. The case also include­s a convenient handle, allowing you to e­asily carry and transport your scopemeter with e­ase.

The FLUKE Hard Carrying Case­ is a must-have accessory for professionals who de­pend on their measuring instrume­nts. Its sleek design and durable­ construction provide reliable prote­ction to ensure the longe­vity and functionality of your equipment. Invest in this e­ssential solution today to safeguard your tools.

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