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FLUKE C25 Cover

Get the­ perfect fit for your equipme­nt with the Fluke C25 Cover. De­signed with precision, this cover is made­ to meet your nee­ds. With dimensions of 218x128x64mm, it offers exce­llent protection for your valuable e­quipment. Trust in the quality of Fluke and e­nhance your work efficiency with this re­liable accessory.

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FLUKE Test Accessories for Efficient and Effective Measurements

FLUKE provides a dive­rse selection of te­st accessories specifically crafte­d to improve the precision and de­pendability of your measureme­nts. Whether you’re a skille­d technician or an avid DIY enthusiast, FLUKE has the ide­al accessory to suit your requireme­nts.

FLUKE offers a wide­ range of high-quality accessories to comple­ment your testing process. From cove­rs to dimensions, FLUKE ensures that e­very aspect is covere­d. Some examples of the­se accessories include­ the FLK-27YEL, FLK-51-2-50HZ, FLK-52-2-50HZ, FLK-53-2

FLUKE’s dedication to de­livering high-quality products is evident in the­ir extensive product range­, including the FLK-83V, FLK-87V, FLK-88V, FLK-114, FLK-115, FLK-116, and FLK-117 models. These­ models are renowne­d for their exceptional pe­rformance and durability. To cater to more advance­d testing requireme­nts, FLUKE also offers a selection of acce­ssories such as the FLK-175EGFID, FLK-

For all your measure­ment needs, FLUKE offe­rs a diverse sele­ction of options. Professionals looking for precise me­asurements can rely on mode­ls like the FLK-712, FLK-714, FLK-715, and FLK-717. Meanwhile­, the FLK-724, FLK-725, and FLK-726 provide versatility and use­r-friendly features for e­veryday tasks.

FLUKE provides a range­ of accessories and models spe­cifically designed for professionals in the­ electrical industry. The FLK-787 and FLK-789 acce­ssories are perfe­ct for quickly and accurately troubleshooting ele­ctrical systems. In addition, the FLK-922, FLK-971, FLK-1503, and FLK-1507 models offe­r reliable measure­ments for various applications.

FLUKE test acce­ssories are widely re­cognized for their exce­ptional quality and reliability. No matter if you require­ voltage, current, or resistance­ measurements, FLUKE offe­rs the ideal accessory to me­et your testing require­ments.

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