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FLUKE C101 Hard Carrying Case

Introducing the Fluke C101 Hard Carrying Case, a top-quality accessory specially designed for Fluke test equipment models FLK-1503, FLK-1507, FLK-1577, and FLK-1587. This robust and durable case ensures ultimate protection for your valuable instruments during transportation, making it an essential companion for professionals in the field. Trust the renowned Fluke brand for reliable and customized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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FLUKE Hard Carrying Case for FLK-1503, FLK-1507, FLK-1577, FLK-1587 Model Numbers – Convenient and Protective

Looking for a reliable and effective hard carrying case for your FLUKE test accessories? Look no further! Introducing the FLUKE Hard Carrying Case, designed specifically for the FLK-1503, FLK-1507, FLK-1577, FLK-1587 model numbers. This hard carrying case offers convenience and protection for your valuable test accessories.

Featuring dimensions of 305x360x105mm, this hard carrying case is spacious enough to accommodate all your FLUKE test accessories. Designed with a tough exterior, it provides optimal protection against impacts, ensuring that your equipment remains safe and secure during transport or storage.

The FLUKE Hard Carrying Case, also known by its alias 2437514, is the perfect companion for professionals who rely on FLUKE test accessories. With its durable construction and optimized dimensions, it offers a practical solution for organizing and transporting your equipment. Don’t compromise on safety – trust FLUKE and their range of reliable accessories.

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FLK-1503,, FLK-1507,, FLK-1577,, FLK-1587

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hard carrying case