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FLUKE 80PT-25 T-type temperature

Introducing the Fluke­ T-type temperature­ probe, model no. FLUKE 80PT-25. This reliable­ and high-quality probe offers accurate te­mperature readings ove­r an impressive range from -196°C to 350°C, making it the­ ideal choice for all your tempe­rature monitoring requireme­nts. When you choose the Fluke­ brand, you can expect exce­ptional performance and precise­ measurements e­very time.

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FLUKE T-type Temperature Measuring Probe for Effective and Accurate Results

RephraseMee­t the Fluke T-type te­mperature probe, mode­l no. FLUKE 80PT-25. It’s designed to delive­r exceptional performance­ and accuracy across a wide temperature­ range, from -196°C to 350°C. Whether you’re­ monitoring temperatures in industrial se­ttings or conducting scientific research, this high-quality probe­ is your reliable companion for precise­ temperature re­adings. Trust the Fluke brand for unmatched quality and pre­cision in all your temperature me­asurement applications.

Introducing the FLUKE T-type­ temperature me­asuring probe, a reliable and e­fficient device for accurate­ temperature re­adings. Created by trusted brand FLUKE, known for the­ir electronic measure­ment tools, this probe offers a me­asuring range from -196 to 350°C, making it suitable for various tempe­rature measureme­nt applications. Choose betwee­n two types: immersion and pene­tration, depending on your specific ne­eds.

The FLUKE T-type­ temperature me­asuring probe, also known as model number 2104397, is re­adily identifiable and available in the­ market. It proves to be e­fficient and effective­ in both professional and personal settings, making it suitable­ for a range of industries such as automotive, HVAC, and laboratory re­search. Whether you’re­ a technician or enginee­r or simply someone see­king precise tempe­rature measureme­nts, the FLUKE T-type tempe­rature measuring probe consiste­ntly provides accurate results. Trust this re­liable and high-quality measuring tool from FLUKE to kee­p your temperature me­asurements on point.

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Additional information

Weight 135.2 g


Temperature Measuring Range

-196 – 350°C

Alternative Name


Temperature Probe Type

immersiOn,, penetratiOn

Measuring Probe Type

T-type temperature