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FLUKE 80PK-3A K-type temperature

Introducing the FLUKE 80PK-3A, a high-quality K-type temperature probe by Fluke. This probe boasts a temperature range of 0 to 260°C and a durable 94mm length, making it perfect for a wide range of temperature measuring applications. Trust in Fluke’s renowned reliability and precision to ensure accurate temperature readings every time.

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FLUKEK-type Temperature Measurement – Accurate and Versatile Probe

When it comes to precise temperature measurements, look no further than the FLUKEK-type Temperature Probe. Designed to ensure accurate readings in a wide temperature range, this durable device proves to be an essential tool for various applications. With a measuring range of 0 to 260°C, it offers a wide scope of temperature detection, making it ideal for both professional and personal use. The 94mm probe length provides added convenience, allowing you to reach those hard-to-access areas with ease.

With a diameter of 12.5mm, the FLUKEK-type Temperature Probe guarantees quick responsiveness and an efficient cooling effect. This probe is specifically designed for surface temperature measurement, making it a reliable choice for various industries. Its versatility extends to its measurement capabilities, ensuring precise and consistent results every time.

Unleash the full potential of the FLUKEK-type Temperature Probe for your temperature measurement needs. Its exceptional accuracy and reliability make it a valuable tool for professionals across different sectors. Experience the effectiveness and efficiency of this probe in capturing temperature readings, equally suitable for both urgent tasks and long-term projects. Elevate your temperature measurement game with FLUKEK!

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Weight 98.3 g


Temperature Measuring Range

0 – 260°C

Probe Length


Probe Diameter




Alternative Name


Temperature Probe Type


Measuring Probe Type

K-type temperature