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FLUKE 80PK-26 K-type temperature

Introducing the Fluke 80PK-26, a high-quality K-type temperature probe meticulously designed for accurate temperature measurement. With a wide temperature range of -40 to 816°C and a length of 203.2mm, this reliable Fluke product is an essential instrument for any professional seeking precise and efficient temperature readings. Experience superior performance and durability with the Fluke 80PK-26 K-type temperature probe.

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FLUKE K-Type Temperature Measurement Probe

The FLUKE K-Type Temperature Measurement Probe is a versatile and effective device designed for precise temperature measurement in a wide range of applications. With a temperature measuring range of -40 to 816°C, this probe is capable of accurately measuring temperatures in even the most extreme conditions. Equipped with a 1 meter long cable, users have plenty of flexibility and reach when using this probe.

Featuring a 203.2mm probe length and a 3.175mm diameter, the FLUKE K-Type Temperature Measurement Probe ensures accurate and reliable measurements. With a temperature measurement accuracy of ±2.2°C (range -40 – 293°C) and ±0.75% (range 293 – 816°C), users can have confidence in the precision and reliability of their measurements.

Equipped with a type K thermocouple with a conical tip, this probe is suitable for use in the air, non-caustic gas, and on surfaces. Whether measuring air temperature or surface temperature, the FLUKE K-Type Temperature Measurement Probe delivers accurate results. With an overall length of 319mm and a tip diameter of 1.5748mm, this probe is compact and easy to handle.

Known as the 2098714, this FLUKE K-Type Temperature Measurement Probe is a must-have tool for professionals in various industries. This high-quality probe offers accurate temperature measurements and reliable performance, making it a valuable asset in any measurement toolkit.

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