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FLUKE 80K-15


FLUKE 80K-15 high voltage

Introducing the Fluke 80K-15, a high voltage probe designed for exceptional performance. With a VAC of 10kV and a VDC ranging from 0 to 15kV, this probe boasts a remarkable transformation ratio of 1000:1. Ideal for accurate voltage measurements, the Fluke 80K-15 guarantees precise results and is a reliable choice for professionals seeking a high-quality high voltage probe.

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Product details


FLUKE High Voltage Measuring Probe

The FLUKE High Voltage Measuring Probe is a versatile and effective tool for measuring both AC and DC voltage. With a measuring range of 10kV for AC voltage and 0-15kV for DC voltage, this measuring probe ensures accurate and reliable measurements every time. It has a high accuracy of ±5% at 60Hz for AC voltage and ±2% for DC voltage, allowing for precise measurements in various applications.

Designed to work with multimeters with input impedance ≥10MΩ, this measuring probe is compatible with a wide range of equipment. Its gear mechanism enables easy and efficient measurement, while its compact size and lightweight design make it portable and convenient to use.

With its impressive performance and reliability, the FLUKE High Voltage Measuring Probe, also known as model number 1618113, is the ideal choice for professionals seeking accurate and efficient voltage measurements.

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Additional information

Weight 426 g



AC Voltage,, DC Voltage



AC Voltage Measurement Precision

±5% @ 60Hz

AC Voltage Measurement Range


Alternative Name


Accuracy of DC Voltage Measurement


Range of DC Voltage Measurement

0 – 15kV

Measuring Instrument Specifications

works with mulTimeters with Input impedance ≥10MΩ

Measuring Probe Type

high Voltage