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FLUKE 771 Current Loop Meter

Introducing the Fluke 771 Current Loop Analyzer – a reliable and cutting-edge product built with pincers type meter technology. With its LCD display and IP40 rating, this analyzer ensures accurate measurements in a variety of working conditions. Experience enhanced visibility with its illuminating feature, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the field. Discover the unbeatable capabilities of the Fluke 771, model no: FLUKE 771.

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Product details


FLUKE Current Loop Pincers – Effective Signal Measurement

The FLUKE Current Loop Pincers are a reliable and accurate solution for measuring current loops in various industrial applications. Equipped with an LCD display, these pincers provide clear and precise readings.

With a measurement range of 0-20.99mA (0.01mA resolution, accuracy: 0.2% + 5 digits) and 21-100mA (0.1mA resolution, accuracy: 1% + 5 digits), these pincers offer versatility and accuracy in signal measurements. Whether you need to measure low or high current loops, FLUKE has you covered.

Designed to withstand challenging environments, these pincers have an operating temperature range of -10 to 50°C and an IP40 rating, providing reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

The compact dimensions of 212x59x38mm make these pincers easy to handle and carry. Additionally, they come with additional functions such as a torch for enhanced visibility in dark environments.

The FLUKE Current Loop Pincers are a powerful tool for professionals in the industrial sector. With their reliable measurement capabilities, durable construction, and additional features, these pincers offer a comprehensive solution for effective signal measurement.

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Additional information



Type Of meter

Current loop

IP Rating



4-20mA Current loop



Extra Functionality


Alternative Name


Physical Dimensions


Display Type


Meter Type

pincers type

Operating Temperature Rate

-10 – 50°C

Signal Measurings

0-20,99mA (0,01mA resolutiOn, accuracy: 0,2% + 5 digits),, 21-100mA (0,1mA resolutiOn, accuracy: 1% + 5 digits)