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FLUKE 375 FC Multifunction Meter

Introducing the Fluke 375 FC, a top-of-the-line multifunction digital meter designed for ultimate precision and versatility. This pincers type meter with a cable diameter of 34mm provides accurate measurements with its LCD display, ensuring ease of use and quick readability. Elevate your electrical testing experience with the reliability and advanced features of the Fluke 375 FC.

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Product details


FLUKE Multifunction Digital Pincers Type Meter

The FLUKE Multifunction Digital Pincers Type Meter is a versatile and reliable tool for electricians and technicians. With its pincers-type design and digital display, it offers easy and accurate measurement of various electrical parameters.

This meter has a wide measuring range, allowing you to measure both AC and DC currents, voltages, and resistance. It also features true effective value measurement, ensuring accurate readings even in complex electrical circuits. The meter’s capacitance and frequency measuring capabilities further enhance its functionality.

In addition to its measurement features, this FLUKE meter also offers a variety of other useful functions. It can perform continuity tests, diode tests, and determine the CF crest factor. The built-in acoustic indication feature is helpful for detecting faults in circuits.

The FLUKE Multifunction Digital Pincers Type Meter is designed to meet the highest safety standards, with CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V ratings. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use in various environments. The meter is powered by batteries and can be equipped with optional rechargeable batteries for added convenience.

Get precise and reliable measurements with the FLUKE Multifunction Digital Pincers Type Meter. Its advanced features and functionality make it an indispensable tool for electrical professionals.

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Additional information

Weight - g


Electrical Continuity Testing

<30Ω, acoustic indicatiOn,

Accurate RMS Measurement

True RMS

Resistance Measurement Range

100mΩ – 600Ω/, 60kΩ, 6kΩ/

Resistance Measurement Precision

±(1% + 5 digits)

Affiliated Products

POM-5913,, POM-6173A,, POM-7519A

Pollution Level


Maximum Measurable Cable Diameter


Meter Type

Digital,, pincers type

Display Type


Frequency Measurement Range

5 – 500Hz

Frequency Measurement Precision

±(0,5% + 5 digits)

Physical Dimensions


Range of DC Voltage Measurement

100mV – 1kV

Accuracy of DC Voltage Measurement

±(1% + 5 digits)

Accuracy of DC Current Measurement

±(2% + 5 digits)

Compliance with Standards

CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, EN 61010



Crest Factor for CF

2.5 @ 600A

Capacitance Measurement Range

0.1 – 100µF/, 1000µF

Capacitance Measurement Precision

±(1% + 4 digits)

Alternative Name


AC Voltage Measurement Range

0.1mV – 1kV

AC Voltage Measurement Precision

±(1,5% + 5 digits)

AC Current Measurement Range

100mA – 600A

AC Current Measurement Precision

±(2% + 5 digits)


Fluke COnnect

Range of DC Current Measurement

100mA – 600A

Type Of meter





AC Current,, AC Voltage,, capacitance,, DC Current,, frequency,, inrush Current,, resistance, DC Voltage,



Total Weight With Battery