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FLK-A3004FC Current Loop Meter

Introducing the Fluke FLK-A3004FC, a state-of-the-art current loop meter that combines precision and convenience. With its pincers type design, LCD display, and 3.5-digit accuracy, this meter is perfect for measuring current flow with ease. Designed with IP42 protection and boasting a slim 4.5mm profile, this Fluke model provides durability and portability for all your current loop measurement needs. Trust in the reliability of Fluke and experience top-notch performance with the FLK-A3004FC.

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Product details


FLUKE Current Loop Pincers

The FLUKE Current Loop Pincers is a highly effective and equally reliable measuring instrument designed for accurate signal measurements. With its LCD display and 3.5-digit resolution, it provides clear and precise display parameters for current measurements.

This device offers a wide operating temperature range of -10 to 50°C, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. Its IP42 rating ensures durability and protection against dust and water ingress.

Featuring a max jaw capacity of 4.5mm, the FLUKE Pincers can easily measure current loops with a range of 0-20.99mA and 21-99.9mA. It is equipped with FLUKE Connect software, allowing for efficient data management.

With its compact measurement dimensions of 165x635x356mm, this FLUKE Pincers is a reliable tool for professionals in various industries. Its measurement memory and power supply of 650004629301 make it a versatile and valuable instrument to have in your toolkit.

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Additional information



Type Of meter

Current loop

IP Rating



4-20mA Current loop


Fluke COnnect

Alternative Name


Physical Dimensions


Screen Parameters

3,5 digit

Display Type


Meter Type

pincers type

Maximum Jaw Opening Size


Measuring Memory


Operating Temperature Rate

-10 – 50°C

Signal Measurings

0-20,99mA (0,01mA resolutiOn, accuracy: 0,2% + 5 digits),, 21-99,9mA (0,1mA resolutiOn, accuracy: 1% + 5 digits)