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Panasonic CX-424 Photoelectric Sensor

The Panasonic cx-424 Photoelectric Sensor is a high-quality product designed to detect objects within a range of 0 to 0.1 meters. Equipped with NPN technology and DARK-ON/LIGHT-ON modes, this sensor is versatile and easy to use. With a maximum ampere capacity of 100mA, it is a reliable and effective choice for your sensing needs.

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Discover the Power of Panasonic’s Photoelectric Sensor

When it comes to achieving precision and accuracy in manufacturing processes, having competent supporting technology is a must. This is where Panasonic’s latest photoelectric sensor comes in. Boasting an impressive range of 0…0.1m, it is the ultimate device to provide fully customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry.

Equipped with a diffuse-reflective mode operation, this photoelectric sensor provides seamless and reliable operation throughout the manufacturing process. With an IP67 rating, it is protected from damage caused by water and other elements, reducing maintenance and downtime in production. The Max. operating current ensures continuous operation, making it ideal for manufacturing processes that require sustained action.

Constructed with sturdy body material, the Panasonic photoelectric sensor performs exceptionally in any conditions while delivering seamless results. Designed with compact body dimensions and easy connection, it can integrate seamlessly with existing systems, offering maximum performance in minimum space. With an operating temperature of -25 – 55°C, it can operate in extreme temperatures, providing uninterrupted operations in all environments.

Experience the efficiency and precision of Panasonic’s latest photoelectric sensor today and improve your manufacturing processes significantly.

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Additional information

Weight 55.8 g


Type Of Sensor



0 – 0.1m

Output Configuration


Operation Modes


Operation Mode


IP Rating


Supply Voltage

12 – 24V DC

Surface Dimensions


Surface Material


Connection Type

Lead 2m

Maximum Operating Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

-25 – 55°C