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Autonics AIS-42MA Servo Driver

The Autonics AIS-42MA Servo Driver is a high-quality solution for precise motor control. This 2-phase bipolar stepper driver has an encoder and delivers 60W of power, making it perfectly suited for a wide range of industrial applications. Trust Autonics for reliable servo drive performance.

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Product details


Introducing Autonics Servo Drive for High-Precision Motion Controls

Autonics’ Servo Drive is a next-gen motion control system designed for maximum performance and reliability in high-precision applications. Powered by 2-phase, bipolar, and step motors with encoders, this cutting-edge technology delivers equal and effective power to accelerate and control the system accurately. With power consumption of 60W and step 1.8°, the servo drive is perfect for any advanced application that requires speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

This high-precision device comes with a range of remarkable features that make it stand out in its class. The IP20-rated body and operating temperature of up to 50°C ensure optimal functioning in harsh environments without any hindrance. Additionally, the servo drive has a current sense feedback of 1.7A, 10000 imp/revol. resolution, and a wide supply voltage range for improved integration and compatibility. The kit also comes with a comprehensive list of components such as motors, power supplies, and connectors.

In short, Autonics’ Servo Drive is a reliable and robust motion control system that provides high accuracy, precision, and performance to numerous high-end applications. Its advanced features, unmatched quality, and comprehensive kit ensure effective operation in any demanding situation.

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Additional information

Weight 340 g


Module Type

Servo Driver

Power Consumption


IP Rating



10000imp / Revolutions

Extra Functionality

Current Sense Feedback

Motor Type

2-Phase, Bipolar, Stepper, With Encoder

Maximum Current Rating


Motor Specifications

Step 1,8°

Operating Temperature Rate

0 – 50°C