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Autonics AIC-D-56MA Step Motor Controller

The Autonics AIC-D-56MA Step Motor Controller is powerful and efficient with a 3.5A and 24VDC rating, perfect for precision automation. Its programming capabilities make it easy to use with a PC, offering smooth control for high-precision applications. The 120W power rating and IP20 protection make it ideal for industrial environments.

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Product details


Efficient Motor Control with Autonics Step Motor Controller

Autonics step motor controller provides unparalleled efficiency and precision in motor control. With a maximum current of 3.5A and a power consumption of 120W, it is perfect for high-performance motor applications. Its integrated encoder and current sense feedback improves accuracy and ensures reliable operation.
Operating within a temperature range of 0 – 50°C, Autonics step motor controller is equipped with additional functions to enhance its performance. With a resolution of 10000imp/revol, it delivers consistent results and offers a rotational rate/speed of up to 3000rpm.

The Autonics step motor controller comes with an RS485 interface and IP20 rating, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications. Its compact body dimensions of 22.5×87.5x150mm ensure ease of installation and space-saving. With a supply voltage range, this motor controller is ideal for a variety of applications across industries. Get the most out of your motor control system with Autonics step motor controller.

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Additional information

Weight 300 g


Module Type

Step Motor Controller

Power Consumption



10000imp / Revolutions



IP Rating


Rotational Rate / Speed

0 – 3000RPM

Extra Functionality

Current Sense Feedback

Surface Dimensions


Driver Functionality

Integrated Encoder

Maximum Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

0 – 50°C

Programming Method