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Crouzet 88827503 Timer

The Crouzet Timer model no: 88827503 is a versatile asset for any electrical system. With a range of Usup from 12-240VAC to 12-240VDC, this timer features SPDT and can handle a max load of 250VAC/8A. Its compact DIN design and precision timing make it perfect for any situation where precision control is key.

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Product details


The Powerful Crouzet Timer for Accurate Timing

Crouzet brings you its latest timer model, designed to offer reliable and precise timing for your business needs. With its advanced features and exceptional performance, this timer offers a counting range from 0.1s to 100h, making it ideal for a wide range of operations.

Featuring an SPDT output of 250V AC / 8A and multiple electrical parameters, this timer is versatile enough to fit all your electrical connection needs. It offers 10 operation modes and is mounted with easy-to-screw terminals ensuring hassle-free installation.

With a durable cardboard packaging containing 10 pieces, this timer boasts an IP20 rating and can withstand operating temperatures ranging from -20 to 60°C. Offering reliable and efficient timing, the Crouzet Timer is powered by a high-quality supply voltage. Invest in our reliable timer and enhance your business operations.

The Crouzet Timer – Your Partner in Precise Timing

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Additional information

Weight 65.6 g


Module Type




IP Rating


Counting Range Limits

0,1s – 100h

Electrical Connectivity

Screw Terminals

Output Type


Operation Mode Count


Operating Temperature Rate

-20 – 60°C

Electrical Output Specifications

250V AC / 8A