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Crouzet 88827125 Timer

The Crouzet Timer, model no: 88827125, is a versatile device that can handle times ranging from 0.1 seconds to 100 hours. With an SPDT switch rated at 250VAC/8A and the ability to operate on both 24V AC/DC and 240V AC, it offers reliable, high-performance timing control in a DIN-mounted, IP20-rated package.

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Product details


Introducing Crouzet Timer Modules for Accurate Timekeeping

Crouzet Timer modules are designed to ensure accurate timekeeping for various industrial applications. These modules are equipped with advanced features to provide maximum flexibility and reliability to meet various timing requirements. The modules can count ranging from 0.1 seconds to 100 hours and have Single-Pole-Double-Throw (SPDT) outputs that can handle up to 8A at 250V AC.

With a wide range of electrical parameters to choose from, the modules have multiple operation modes and electrical connections available. The Counter operation modes allow for precise and efficient counting of events. The timer has a compact design and can be quickly and easily mounted on a DIN rail. The timer modules are designed to operate in a wide temperature range from -20°C to 60°C and have an IP20 rating. Each cardboard box contains 10 modules.

Whether you need a timer for motor control circuits or to accurately count pulses or events in your application, Crouzet Timer modules offer a reliable and flexible solution for your timing requirements. The supply voltage can be adjusted according to your application-specific requirements. Crouzet Timer modules are built to deliver accurate timekeeping to meet the dynamic needs of the industry.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g


Module Type




IP Rating


Counting Mode Options

pulse after a specified time

Counting Range Limits

0,1s – 100h

Electrical Connectivity

Screw Terminals

Output Type


Operation Mode Count


Operating Temperature Rate

-20 – 60°C

Electrical Output Specifications

250V AC / 8A