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Siemens 3RV2111-1KA10 Motor Protection Breaker

The Siemens 3RV2111-1KA10 circuit breaker is a reliable and high-quality motor protection device. With a 5.5kW power rating and a voltage range of 220-690VAC, this breaker is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Featuring a DIN rail mounting and short circuit release of 163A, the 3RV2111-1KA10 is the perfect solution for ensuring the safety and reliability of your motor operations.

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Product details


Introduction to Siemens Motor Breaker

Siemens presents its motor breaker with a sturdy and durable construction to protect your machinery from overcurrent and short circuits. This efficient breaker has a max motor power of 5.5 kW with a DIN mounting specification and a wide range of overcurrent release settings between 9-12.5A.

With a strong electrical connection through screw terminals, this breaker boasts a size suitable for various applications. You can find this product under the manufacturer series 3RV2901, 3RV2902, and 3RV2921. Its short circuit release function ensures maximum safety of your devices.

In addition, compatible accessories such as 3RV2220 are available under related items to complete your overall system. This Siemens motor breaker offers a reliable and equally effective solution for your motor protection needs. Its operating voltage range of 690V AC makes it ideal for various industrial applications.

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Additional information

Weight 407 g


Type Of Protection

Motor Breaker

Max Motor Power




Range Of Overcurrent Release Settings

9 – 12.5A

Electric Connection

Screw Terminals

Short Circuit Release




Breaker features

automatic RESET

Brand series


Operating Voltage

220 – 690V AC