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Siemens 3RV2111-1EA10 Motor Protection Breaker

Introducing the Siemens 3RV2111-1EA10 Motor Breaker, offering reliable protection for your power systems. With a 1.5kW output and voltage range of 220-690VAC, this DIN-mounted breaker boasts a short circuit release of 52A. Keep your motors running smoothly with this durable and efficient product.

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Product details


Efficient Motor Protection with Siemens Motor Breaker

Siemens offers a high-quality motor breaker that ensures the efficient and effective protection of motors. With a maximum motor power of 1.5 kW, this DIN-mounted breaker has a range of overcurrent release settings between 2.8 and 4A, making it a versatile solution for various motor protection needs.

The electrical connection utilizes screw terminals, and the short-circuit release contributes to the overall safety of the system. With a size that fits conveniently in any control panel, this motor breaker is a reliable choice for motor protection.

The Siemens motor breaker is a part of the manufacturer’s 3RV series and is compatible with related items such as 3RV2901-1A, 3RV2901-1B, 3RV2901-1C, 3RV2901-1D, 3RV2901-1E, 3RV2901-1F, 3RV2901-1J, 3RV2902-1AB4, 3RV2902-1AB0, 3RV2902-1AF0, 3RV2902-1AP0, and 3RV2921-1M. The breaker features an automatic RESET function and an operating voltage range of 3RV2220 – 690V AC. Get reliable and effective motor protection with Siemens motor breaker.

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Additional information

Weight 405.1 g


Type Of Protection

Motor Breaker

Max Motor Power




Range Of Overcurrent Release Settings

2.8 – 4A

Electric Connection

Screw Terminals

Short Circuit Release




Breaker features

automatic RESET

Brand series


Operating Voltage

220 – 690V AC