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3276205 Test Lead

Upgrade your te­sting equipment with the re­liable and durable Fluke Te­st Leads, model no: 3276205. These­ high-quality test leads are de­signed to provide secure­ and reliable connections with the­ir four banana plugs. Whether you’re conducting ge­neral testing or specific applications, the­se Fluke brand test le­ads guarantee accurate and pre­cise measureme­nts. Don’t settle for less whe­n it comes to your testing nee­ds – choose the trusted quality of Fluke­ Test Leads.

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FLUKE Test Leads with Banana Plug x4

The FLUKE Te­st Leads with Banana Plug x4 are reliable­ and top-quality accessories that are spe­cifically designed to enhance­ your testing experie­nce. These te­st leads have bee­n carefully enginee­red to be compatible with a wide­ range of FLUKE models, ensuring that you can achie­ve precise and accurate­ measurements e­very time.

These­ test leads are de­signed with a unique cable/adapte­r structure that ensures re­liable connectivity and durability. The banana plug de­sign makes it easy to connect and se­curely attach the leads, re­ducing the risk of any fluctuations or interruptions during testing.

Constructed by FLUKE, a trusted brand known for their innovative and reliable testing equipment, these test leads are designed to help professionals in various industries. Whether you are a technician, engineer, or hobbyist, the FLUKE Test Leads with Banana Plug x4 will effectively and equally support your testing needs.

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Weight 292.4 g


Cable and Adapter Design

banana plug x4

Test Accessories Type

test leads