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2625171 Rechargeable Battery

Introducing the high-performance Fluke Rechargeable Battery, model no: 2625171. As a reliable power solution, it offers 7.2VDC output and ensures long-lasting performance for your devices. Shop now and elevate your electrical projects with this top-notch Fluke battery.

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The FLUKE FLK-1735 is a high-quality test accessory designed to enhance your testing experience. With its rechargeable battery, this accessory allows for convenient and efficient testing, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. Equipped with a 7.2V DC rated voltage, the FLUKE FLK-1735 ensures reliable and accurate test results.

This test accessory also comes with a kind of rechargeable battery – Ni-MH, which provides consistent and long-lasting performance. The FLUKE FLK-1735 is the perfect companion for professionals who require reliable and precise test results. Whether you need to measure voltage, current, or other electrical parameters, this accessory will effectively meet your testing needs.

With the FLUKE FLK-1735, you can confidently and efficiently conduct your tests, knowing that you are using a high-quality and effective accessory. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your testing requirements. Choose the FLUKE FLK-1735 and experience exceptional performance in your testing endeavors.

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Weight 276.5 g


Rechargeable Battery Type


Voltage Rating

7.2V DC

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rechargeable battery