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Danfoss 037N0081 Solid State Relay

The Danfoss Solid State Relay, model no. 037N0081, is a high-performance device designed for efficient control of electrical systems. With a control voltage range of 24÷230VDC and 24÷230VAC, and a maximum current rating of 63A, this relay delivers reliable and consistent performance in a wide range of applications. Perfect for use in industrial and automation settings, this powerful relay is durable, easy to install, and built to last.

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Product details


Secure Your Power with Danfoss Relay-switches for Your Electrical System

Stay ahead of the game with Danfoss solid-state relay switches, which offer reliable and trustworthy performance. Applicable for usage in AC and DC circuits, with voltage control capability between 24 – 230V, Danfoss provides a wide range of relay variants for your selection. The 63A max operating current and 24-480V AC switched voltage will give you the peace of mind to protect your electrical systems from damage.

Our relay-switches are designed with zero voltage switching and the ECI series’ heatsink provides efficient heat dissipation. With the DIN and panel mounting options, you can install the relay switch quickly and easily. The operating temperature of the relay switches ranges from 5 – 40℃, making them ideal for multiple environments. The dimensions of the body are 90x110x124.3mm, which make them compact enough to fit into tight spaces. With Danfoss relay-switches, you can be confident that your electrical systems will operate at peak performance.

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Additional information

Weight 1266 g


Control Voltage

24 – 230V AC

Switched Voltage

24 – 480V AC


DIN,, On Panel

Relay Series


Switching Method

Zero Voltage Switching

Surface Dimensions


Product Design


Maximum Operating Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

-5 – 40°C

Relay Variation


Relay Type

Solid State