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Danfoss 037N0064 Solid State Relay

Introducing Danfoss brand Solid State Relay, model no: 037N0064. This high-quality relay features a reliable solid-state design and can be controlled with a wide range of voltages, including 24÷230VDC and 24÷230VAC. Plus, with a powerful 15A output, it’s ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

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Product details


Efficient and Reliable Solid State Relays

Danfoss solid state relays are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring a high degree of precision and reliability. Our relays offer superior performance, with a maximum operating current of 15A and a switched voltage of 12 – 230V AC, making them suitable for a range of industrial and commercial uses. They are available in a variety of relay variants, and can be mounted on DIN or panel surfaces.

Our solid state relays operate within a wide temperature range of -5 to 40°C, and boast compact body dimensions of 22.5x110x124.3mm which allows for easy installation in tight spaces. Our Relay series features zero voltage switching design, allowing for seamless switching without any power surges. Built to the highest quality standards, our solid state relays are designed for effective and reliable performance, and have a long working life.

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Additional information

Weight 1 g


Control Voltage

24 – 230V AC

Switched Voltage

12 – 230V AC


DIN,, On Panel

Relay Series


Switching Method

Zero Voltage Switching

Surface Dimensions


Product Design


Maximum Operating Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

-5 – 40°C

Relay Variation


Relay Type

Solid State