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Danfoss 037N0060 Solid State Relay

The Danfoss 037N0060 Solid State Relay is a versatile and efficient solution for controlling various electrical loads. Equipped with a 0÷10VDC Ucntrl and a 4÷20mA Icntrl, this relay is compatible with a range of control systems. Its adjustable Rin (0÷10kΩ) also adds greater flexibility to the setup.

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Product details


Improve Your Control Systems Using Danfoss Solid State Relays

Danfoss offers a range of high-quality solid-state relays that will help you take control of your industrial heating and cooling systems. Our relays are designed for precise control, providing accurate and reliable switching of loads up to 50A and 380-480V AC 1-phase. With fast switching speeds and a compact design, Danfoss solid state relays deliver exceptional performance in a range of applications.

Our relays are available in a variety of models, including the ACI proportional relay series. Featuring an input resistance range of 0-10kΩ and control voltage of 0-10V DC, these relays enable fine-tuned control of your heating and cooling systems. They feature a rugged heatsink design that ensures reliable operation, even in harsh industrial environments.

Whether you need to switch resistive, inductive, or capacitive loads, Danfoss solid state relays offer outstanding performance and longevity. With their efficient design and high-end features, they are the perfect choice for industrial applications where accuracy and reliability are critical.

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Additional information

Weight 19.28 g


Control Voltage

0 – 10V DC

Switched Voltage

380 – 480V AC

Relay Series


Switching Method


Surface Dimensions


Current of Control

4 – 20mA

Product Design


Range of Input Resistance

0 – 10kΩ

Maximum Operating Current Rating


Relay Variation


Relay Type

Solid State