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Danfoss 037N0057 Solid State Relay

Introducing the Danfoss Solid State Relay with model no. 037N0057. This innovative product features Ucntrl of 0÷10VDC, Rin of 0÷10kΩ, and Icntrl of 4÷20mA. Built for superior performance, this relay is the perfect addition to any industrial automation project.

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Product details


Introducing the Innovative Danfoss Solid State Relay

Danfoss, a pioneer in engineering solutions, introduces the solid state relay designed to deliver top-notch performance. This ACI-controlled relay operates at a control voltage of 0 – 10V DC with an input resistance range of 0 – 10kΩ. With a maximum operating current of 4 – 20mA and a switched voltage of 208 – 240V AC 1-phase, it sets a benchmark in the industry.

The proportional switching method and the innovative design are the standout features that give it an edge over its counterparts. The relay variant has a sleek heatsink that contributes to its body dimension of 45x110x126.3mm, making it compact and easy to use. Being part of the Relay Series, it is an optimal choice for controlling many of today’s HVAC and process heating applications, or any other application where a traditional contactor relay is used.

Get ready to experience performance, efficiency, and reliability with Danfoss solid state relay.

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Additional information

Weight 19.28 g


Control Voltage

0 – 10V DC

Switched Voltage

208 – 240V AC

Relay Series


Switching Method


Surface Dimensions


Current of Control

4 – 20mA

Product Design


Range of Input Resistance

0 – 10kΩ

Maximum Operating Current Rating


Relay Variation


Relay Type

Solid State